Technical Society focus on providing premier industry knowledge by organising several technical events. The platform encourages technical thinking and innovative ideas while shaping the student for the futuristic industry.

Coalition of Designers and Engineers (C.O.D.E.) is the technical society of VSE&T. It is a community of like-minded and passionate people that love technology and innovation. The Technical Society of VSE&T aims to provide a platform that encourages students to learn new things in the emerging fields of technology and helps them showcase their talents while enhancing their coding and designing skills.

C.O.D.E. Sub Committees


The students under this sub committee are involved in the creative designing including content for newsletter, posters and informative brochures. 
1.Suraj Sharma, IIOT 2.Udit Gupta, AI&DS 3.Rohan Saini, IIOT 4.Aditya Vikram Pachisia, AI&ML 5.Mansha Rathee, AI&DS 6.Anshika Jain, AI&DS 7.Aditya Khazanchi, AI&ML 8.Garvita Ahuja, AI&ML 9.Shubham Joshi, IIOT 10.Aaryan Bhatia, AI&ML 11.Maanik Sharma, AI&ML

Some digital creatives by the designing team:


The students under this Sub-committee are involved in the development domain like website development, development of hardware and software projects, and research on state-of-art topics.
1.Achal Singhal, AI&ML 2.Prakhar Jain, AI&DS 3.Kritik, AI&ML 4.Aman Jain, AI&ML 5.Vikramjeet Singh Dhaliwal, AI&ML 6.Yogesh Aggarwal, IIOT 7.Siddhanth Pahuja, AI&DS 8.Mehul Batra, AI&DS 9.Swayam Mahindroo, IIOT


The students under this Sub-committee are involved with organizing technical gaming events. Game development is also going on by the student coordinators of this subcommittee.
1.Kaustubh Tiwari, AI&ML 2.Gaurav Sardar, AI&ML


This Sub-committee is responsible for organising events pertaining to robotics and cyber security, both. Students are trying hands-on to develop hardware projects in the area of drone technology, sensor technology, smart homes, etc.
1.Devansh Mudgal, AI&DS 2.Arnav Sharma, IIOT