Imbibing futuristic skill-sets
with innovation

Our innovative pedagogy is designed to develop critical and creative thinking, a problem-solving mindset, sound
knowledge of the field and confidence in your capabilities. We strive to create the leaders of the future that awaits us.

Project-Based Learning

Our project-based teaching approach focuses on active problem-solving in real-time. This method helps the student to acquire the essential knowledge and skill sets. The projects are interdisciplinary to equip the students with proficiency and make them a jack of all trades.

Blended Learning

At VSE&T, we look forward to igniting the passion in youth. We look forward to creating leaders who'll shape the future, and to empower students with this confidence and ability, we offer a blended learning curriculum. It is a mix of University approved courses and our own curriculum. This curriculum is drafted to keep the students ahead in the competition and help them envision and shape the tomorrow.

Experiential Learning

We believe that experience is the best teacher indeed, and hence we are advocates of experiential learning. Unlike the orthodox teaching methods, this approach aids the students in understanding their tasks and projects in depth. This clear understanding of subjects makes them future-ready and open new doors to opportunities.

Flipped Classroom

As opposed to traditional learning, we use flipped classroom methods. With this approach, students have to come prepared with the given tasks from home. Based on this accumulated information, they are expected to solve a problem in real time. The approach increases student engagement, resulting in better learning.


Centre for Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CTEL)

Here, difficult concepts are made easy using ICT integrated learning and creating digital content.

Centre for Sustainable and
Smart Future (CSSF)

At VCE&T, we encourage and guide our brilliant minds to innovate futuristic solutions in line with the UNGA’s vision for 2030 and contribute to the 17 SDGs.

Centre for Career Guidance and Development (CCGD)

Making students job-ready by conducting training programs,
workshops, industrial visits and corporate engagements.

Centre for Coding Skills
Development (CCSD)

Ensuring success of each student by enhancing their coding skills and instilling a problem-solving mindset aiding future job prospects.

Centre for Ideas and
Innovation to Entrepreneurship (CI2E)

Nurturing students’ ideas while helping them develop into working businesses with constant guidance, support, and essentials.

Centre for Intellectual
Property Rights (CIPR)

The IPR cell promotes and protects research and innovation while facilitating stakeholders with patents and copyrights for their original work.

Intel Centre for Excellence

Making students future-ready by inculcating knowledge of technical enhancements, research, and innovation with Intel®