The examination department is set up to conduct:

• Mid-term and End-term Exams

• Theory and Practical Exams

• Verifying Results of Students

• Exam Registration Chart (RC) Verification

• Analysing the results and coordinating with the GGSIPU regarding all examination-related matters

The Examination faculty team comprises of the following members:

External (Theory + Practical) &  Internal (Theory + Practical)

  • B.Tech AI-DS I Semester
  • B.Tech AI-ML I Semester
  • B.Tech IIoT I Semester


The examination system followed for B.Tech by GGSIPU is a semester system in which both Theory and Practical components are included.

For Theory Exams:- 75% of weightage is allotted to the End semester (external) examination, and the rest 25% is for the Internal mid-term examination.

For Practical Exams:- 60 % of weightage is allotted for End semester (external) practicals, and the rest of 40% is for the Internal mid-term practicals.

The semester results declared by the university are on the basis of internal marks, external marks, credits scored in theory, and practical components.

Internal Examination Pattern followed by the University

GGSIP University has set norms for conducting examinations to maintain uniformity across all the affiliated institutes. The institutes ought to follow these norms that are liable to change as deemed fit by the university.

As per ordinance 11 of the universities:

  • One mid-term test system must be followed.
  • One Sessional exam must be conducted each semester, and the exam paper must be common to all affiliated colleges.
  • This mid-term Sessional test shall cover 2 units out of 4.
  • The duration of the test is 90 minutes. Question papers are timed to make the students learn time management skills.
  • Each test is conducted for a maximum of 30 marks.
  • The total of 25 Internal Session Marks are provided to each student for a theory subject.

                       15 marks = ½ of mid-term test out of 30 marks

                       10 marks = marks obtained in continuous assessment including assignments, quizzes, and tests

Answer sheets of these internal tests are shown to students for their discussion with concerned faculty to satisfy them regarding the awards received by them.



Examination Head

Prof (Dr.) Nidhi Sharma

Controller of Examination and (Professor, Applied Chemistry, VSE&T)

Faculty Team Members

Dr. Deepika Kumari

(Assistant Professor, VSE&T)

Dr. Ashish Kumar

(Assistant Professor, VSE&T)

Office Assistant

Mr. Harsha Mudgil