We at VSE&T help students unleash their potential and refine the engineer within by laying the solid foundation of four cornerstones of our Ethos: Curiosity, Creativity, Capability, and Contribution. These Ethos will be students’ northern star in personal, academic, and professional endeavors. At the end of theirundergraduate voyage, students will unlock their full potential as an individual, as an engineer and as a technocrat.


It is the very step of innovation - the brickwork of every greatest invention. It sparks excitement and in return, fills our students with ideas. At VSE&T, we ignite students’ curiosity and help them to find the very answers. We help students to develop a problem-solving mindset and encourage them to ask questions.


Being a capable individual is the most important trait to contribute not only to one’s own life but also to the society. At VSE&T we help our students to become proficient and skilled enough to realize their vision and ideas. Without a strong capacity, curiosity and creativity are just the figments of one’s imagination. We provide our students with adequate knowledge, holistic skills and confidence to manifest the workable solutions in real-time. At VSE&T, we empower our students with this capacity with pre-eminent guidance.


The essence of everything is thinking out of the box. Every problem is unique and so is the solution- all it takes is to have a different and innovative point of view. At VSE&T, we help our students develop the mindset to see things with a creative perspective. We support students’ ideas and aid them to think differently through our dedicated team of mentors, centres and cells.


A revolution starts with an individual and spreads like a forest fire. This individual process of change and contribution is the very key to sparking a change on a global scale. For example, it is said, “A great human revolution in just a single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a nation and, further, will enable a change in the destiny of all humankind.” We at VSE&T work along with our students to encourage their ideas, solve their queries and guide their passion so as to make them capable individuals ready to contribute to the world by making innovative and relevant technologies that will change the future of the society for good.

We at VSE&T have created anemblemtoremindour students of the great potentialtheypossess.Ouremblemisthesymbolof Infinity-representing their limitlesspotential and endlesspossibilities. We encourage our students to embark on this voyage of learning, transforming, and bringing a change- together by becoming capable individuals who contribute to the people, planet and productivity.