B.E, Delhi College of Engineering
M. Tech, Delhi College of Engineering
Ph. D, DCE, Faculty of Technology,
University of Delhi

Area of Specialization

Computer Science Engineering

Dear Students,

In these protean times of today, education is not merely an act of acquiring knowledge. It is an enabling process for growth, attaining practical skills and developing a holistic personality.  A student’s visionary mind has potential to change the world.

VIPS has a long legacy to educate, enlighten and empower the students by providing a dynamic and creative academic environment for well- rounded development of the student. Keeping this legacy in mind, VIPS -TC School of Engineering & Technology (VSE&T) has been established with an aim to achieve excellence in the field of Technical Education. Keeping pace with the changing global needs and demands of new-age technology, VIPS-Technical Campus has introduced B.Tech undergraduate programmes in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and Industrial Internet of Things specializations.

VSE&T shall endeavor to impart quality technical education ingrained with ethical values and life skills whilst using innovative pedagogy and teaching - learning approaches.  The school ethos are driven by 4C’s – Curiosity, Creativity, Capability and Contribution. We are committed to instill curiosity and creativity in our students that will make them capable individuals who are ready to contribute to society.  A graduate from this school would be a lifelong learner, a critical thinker with an entrepreneurial mind set and a leader for change having a global impact.

Further, VSE&T firmly believes in creating an eco-system for its students that would enable them to formulate the most effective technologies in order to make significant contribution to the sustainable development of the world. We all at VSE&T are devoted in our pursuit of academic excellence on all fronts and are committed to make the vision of VIPS-TC a reality by making our name not only in India but the world at large.

Finally, together we have to imbibe the message “Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached” popularized by Swami Vivekananda, to accomplish our great and weighty mission of the present day and our efforts will ensure not only your future growth but also of educational practitioners like us. I wish each of you to have profound wisdom, boundless success, and absolute happiness in your life!