Chauvet Society

Chauvet: The Art of Storytelling

Reality sometimes is too complex and that is why we knit stories to give it the shape to dream beyond!. Thus, stories are the windows to our gated personality that stick with us since childhood and they are the ones which give us wings of imaginaire! The main goal of society is to propagate and cultivate an environment that encourages storytelling in an artistic way. We believe that ideas are abundant, but most people lack the skill to execute those ideas or tell the stories that they want to tell. This society provides them with a platform to meet and communicate with people who have the skills to express those ideas and maybe even provide them with those skills. Let's get lost in the versions of our mindscape and create something beyond beautiful.

To make it easier for us to handle the workload we have categorised the work as listed below:

1. Visual Arts 2. Writing /Storyboarding 3. Animation /Game Development 4. Sound Design /Voice Acting

Students’ participation:

Poster made for World English Language Day

a. Kavish Singh AIML B (Poster)

Video Content made for Rabindranath Tagore Jayanti

a. Kavish Singh AIML B (Video Editing)
b. Hadis Khan IIOT (Video Editing)

Poster edited for Workshop on Adaptability

a. Kavish Singh AIML B (Poster)

2-D Animation made for Freshers 2021 under the Zero Hunger Initiative

a. Abhisar Jindal AIML B (Animation)
b. Kavish Singh AIML B (Visual Art)
c. Hadis Khan IIOT (Post-production)
d. Aditya Khazanchi AIML A (Story writing)
e. Aryan Mishra AIML A (Story writing)

Video Content made for World Environment Day

a. Hadis Khan IIOT (Video Editing)

Poster edited for NICE 2022, an event for AICTE held at VSE&T

a. Kavish Singh AIML B (Poster)