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VSE&T promotes research & innovation by providing an environment where ideas, artistic works, literary works, discoveries, outcomes of research and developmental work can prosper, leading to the development of intellectual property. Intellectual property refers to various types of creations of the mind viz., inventions, designs, art, literary, symbols, images, etc., for which rights like patents, industrial design, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets are recognised under the corresponding disciplines of the law.

A webinar on the topic "Celebrating World IP Week '' on 23nd April’2022.

The objective of the webinar was to create awareness of Intellectual Property Rights for faculties, students and the research community. This webinar focused on patent, design patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, the commercialization of patents, and IP laws applicable in India. Mr. Ashish Prabhat, Examiner of Patents & Designs, Group A gazetted officer, Indian Patent office, Govt. of India, Delhi was the resource person. He stressed the importance of patents in research and gave insights on various aspects of applying for patents.
After the presentation, our guest hosted a Q&A session where some students and professors asked some questions. Then the feedback form was shared and the meeting ended. A certificate was provided to all the registered participants who attended the webinar.