Making students industry-ready with
essential skills

The Centre for Career Guidance & Development (CCGD) supports our students to achieve their desired career goals, viz. Placement, Higher Studies, Startups, and Entrepreneurship. At CCGD, we guide the students to shape their careers through various training programmes, workshops, industrial visits, and corporate engagements.

A webinar on the topic “Full Stack Developer Job Assured Program” in association with NIIT Lim

Dr. Ashish Kumar was the faculty coordinator of the webinar, which was conducted on June 25, 2022. The event was organized under the supervision of Prof. Deepali Virmani and with the support of Dr. Deepika (Faculty coordinator of CCGD). Ninety-seven students joined the event, where the speaker discussed several important topics which are required to be a suitable candidate for the industries. Key Points of the Webinar: What you will learn, how you will learn up to the level of deploying your own project, and How you will be placed with good packages.

Workshop on Multidisciplinary, student-centric corporate access and Guidance

Date & Time: 24th June, 2022 – 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Name of the speaker: Ms. Anisha Katyal, Head-Business operations and product strategy intercell
Purpose of the event: Purpose of the event was to provide a platform for B.Tech students, where students can choose their mentors for their career guidance in national and international markets.

Brief description about the event:

The aim of the event was to introduce “Intercell” and explain about “what is intercell & what is the benefit of joining with intercell program as a student?” The focus of the event was to explain the students about to make the things easier to actually plan out their course of action after completing their education as in recent times the companies find it difficult to find new employees with the skillset that they require. The speaker had focused on how the students can stand out, hone their skills and decide their next course of action by providing sessions with market experts from various fields such as finance, IT, Networking, Business etc. The students were also enlightened on how it is very difficult to switch careers after the completion of their education. The goal of the event was to focus about the requirements of national and international markets and how a person who has built a career in one market cannot survive in the other without proper help from an expert from that market.

Workshop on “Public Speaking" , 2nd February 2022

A workshop on “Public Speaking" was conducted on 02 Feb 2022. Mr. Sandeep Bansal was the spokesperson for this webinar. He is certified in and working as an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)/ Life Coach, Ex-Banking &*Finance Professional for the last 6 years. He is working as NLPHe is MBA (Finance), PG Diploma in Financial Advising & CAIIB. He has more than 35 years of experience in the Banking & Finance Sector. Mr. Sandeep also has a passion for Social Work.